Activity Center

Pampered Paws Activity Center is a safe, sanitary play area for you and your pet

Our Pampered Paws Activity Center (PPAC) is a safe play area where you and your pet can bond over a frisbee, tennis ball, or play toy. Since you reserve the space, you don’t have to worry about aggressive dogs from the dog park ruining your time with your special pup.

Pampered Paws Activity Center Pictures

Reserve it with a friend to have a private pup play date. Use the space to run, play fetch, practice obedience exercises, run through the agility obstacles, or anything else that may come to mind.


PPAC Features


The large, open space features:

PPAC Rates and Reservations

Call Pampered Paws to reserve the PPAC for you and your pet today. The PPAC is reserved by appointment only.

The Pampered Paws activity center is NOT a doggy day care or boarding facility. The PPAC is a safe place for you and your pup to play TOGETHER.

Pampered Paws Activity Center Hours

Set up a play session by calling: 414-476-4323

Available by appointment

Reserve a Time in the Activity Center Now